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My Story


I'm happy you stopped by my about page. I know I wrote alot about myself below but I thought a video to you would be a bit more personal. If you want to read afterwards please do so. Glad to meet you and look forward to working with you soon.



I'm a Business Coach and Craft Show Expert. In the retail/wholesale craft business for 25+ years and self published author of my Craft Book "Breaking into The Craft Show Circuit!

When I first started in business this was my first craft item which I called my Chubby Bunny. 


I was in unfamilar territory but determined to learn, so I picked up a pattern, bought a sewing machine and started to create a bunny (it was supposed to be a Since then I have evolved in my business but it took time, patience, and of course some trial and error.

I always believed that a business would run a bit smoother if I had a coach to teach me the ropes. Although I never had anyone to show me, I now have the experience where I can pass it on to someone else and coach them. This is where I come in! As your private coach, I will help you get into quality craft shows, Show you Display Techniques, Creating your First Website & More. I have helped local business owners for many years with advice and expertise based on real-world experience.

You will get my proven techniques that worked for my business  and some added bonuses to gain more profit in your business. 



As a speaker/trainercan motivate, energize and get your potential business owners on the right track in their business. With 25 years experience in helping others avoid pitfalls and grow their company. Someone who can point them in the direction of positive changes and develop their own business. 

With my unique ability to connect with an audience, I will simplify life and business issues and give easy to understand and practical business principles. 

I am available to speak or train at your next function or meeting. Book a Call with me Today! 

Here is alittle more Tidbit on me:

 Graduated with Honors in Business from AIU University, Atlanta, Ga

Owns an Online Craft Business Magazine for 11 years.

Runs a retail/wholesale home decor business for over 25 years

Author of a craft book "Breaking into The Craft Show Circuit".

Owned 2 Brick and Mortar Gift Shop

Participate in Craft Shows within the Northern and Southern area